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The Persian

The elegant and enchanting Persian Cat, with it's striking longhaired coat, distinctive large head and huge, round eyes is regarded as the Rolls Royce of the cat world.

Many years ago in ancient times, as the dusty desert caravans wound their way westward from Persia and Iran it is supposed that hidden among the rare species and jewels and basket-laden camels was an even more precious cargo, an occasional long-haired cat. They were called Persian of their country of origin, however there really is no actual proof but merely speculation regarding their true origin. This includes hybridization with Pallas' cat, a wild cat with a long thick coat and a stocky body and that of a cross between the Russian Longhair and Turkish Angora. Although the ancestry debate has not been resolved, there are hieroglyphic references to longhaired cats similar to the Persian dating back to as early as 1684 B.C.

Common Characteristics

Persians have long flowing coats ad open pansy-like faces. They have short, broad bodies that are supported by their short heavily boned legs. Persians have large round heads with fairly flat faces. Their noses are small and rather flat and they also have small forward tilting ears. The Persian's eyes are one of it's most important features. They are large, wide open, round and very expressive. The tail is very short and in proportion to the body.

Persians are available in different colours(Solid Colour; Silver and Golden; Shaded and Smoke; Tabby; Par-colour; Calico and Bi-colour and Himalayan) and most people will select one that appeals to their individual taste.


Persians are gentle by nature and should blend into any household quite comfortably if given lots of loving care. They crave affection and love being petted and fussd over, although they will not harass humans for attention the way some other breeds will. They have quite melodious voices and are very friendly. Contrite to belief, they do not enjoy high climbing and jumping, yet what they do enjoy is sitting or sleeping in their favourite window or chair. They are very dignified and laid bac cats and should most definitely only be considered as indoor domestic pets.


Because of their long coats, Persians require a daily grooming regimen to avoid tangles and hairballs. Tangles can be avoided by combing the cat each day. To keep the cat looking clean and healthy it is important to start a bathing routine as early as possible. Persians are best suited to an indoor environment so as to avoid grass and other objects getting caught in the coat.

A Persian's life span is 15 years and older and they retain ther charm well into old age. They are strong and robust cats and make the most wonderfully loyal companions. After all they are not the darlings of thousnads of Persian fanciers for no reason at all.

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