Show History

At the CFSA Cat of the Year 1999 Pashapaws Panda Boy was third best Kitten of the Year and Best Neuter Persian,
In 2000, he was fifth Neuter of the year and Best Neuter Persian once again.
Panda Retired from Showing in 2001 as a Triple Supreme Champion with 21 Gold (Supreme Ribbons) to his name.

Nizat Secret Agent of Pasha Paws, Ruby Kitten COTY Finalist 2003

Pasha Paws Milady Supreme Champion 2006

Pasha Paws Duke of Persia, Supreme Champion 2006 "Top Patched Cat on Show."

Pasha Paws Valentino ,Triple Supreme COTY finalist 2007

Pasha Paws Panda Dot Com, Triple Supreme 2007. 10th/50 Top Persian Show

Pasha Paws Dynasty Blue, Triple Supreme 2010

IMP USA Steeplechase Red Alert of Pasha Paws , Triple Supreme , COTY Finalist 2010 5th TOP MALE

Pasha Paws Bellalicious, Ruby Kitten Finalist ,COTY 2011

Pashapaws Cats in the Media

Panda Boy featured in many articles for All About Cats, one especially about his visits to the Old Age homes, where he brought much love and comfort.

He also had an invite to the Mayors Parlour.
First cat to ever have tea with the Mayor, I'm sure.

Nestle used many of our cats for photo shoots, etc.

Pasha Paws Flash was a firm favourite at The World of Cat and Dogs,
where he would just sleep all day on their table, occasionally lifting his head...

Our cats have also featured on the Bob Martins Cat Litter and Product Line,
as well as the Chicken Licken James Bond Advert back in 2000.

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